The Best Chainsaws To Buy

Discover the ultimate guide to buying chainsaws that meet your needs. Experts have compiled a list of the best chainsaws available, considering power, durability, and safety features. Explore top recommendations and make an informed decision for your next chainsaw purchase.

Chainsaws are indispensable tools for professional landscapers, arborists, loggers, and homeowners who require a robust tool to handle a variety of wood cutting tasks. They come in a spectrum of sizes, sophistication levels, and power sources to cater to different needs and preferences. This article will explore the diverse types of chainsaws available, the projects for which they are apt, and the average pricing of popular chainsaw brands.

What are different types of chainsaws and their purposes?

Chainsaws can be broadly classified into four types: gas-powered, electric (corded), battery-powered (cordless), and pole chainsaws. 

  • Gas-powered chainsaws are the most powerful and versatile, making them ideal for professional use and heavy-duty tasks such as tree felling, bucking, and firewood cutting. They are portable and allow for a longer working time, but require regular maintenance and can be noisy and heavier.

  • Electric chainsaws, on the other hand, are less powerful but perfect for light-duty tasks such as trimming, pruning, and cutting small trees. They are quieter, lighter, and need less maintenance than their gas counterparts, but their range is limited by the length of their cord.

  • Battery-powered chainsaws combine the best of both worlds, providing the mobility of gas chainsaws and the low-maintenance operation of electric ones. They are suitable for medium-duty tasks, but their runtime is limited by battery life.

  • Pole chainsaws are essentially small chainsaws on a stick, designed for pruning and trimming branches high up in trees. They can be gas, electric, or battery-powered.

What projects would you need a chainsaw for?

The versatility of chainsaws makes them suitable for a variety of projects. The heavy-duty gas-powered chainsaws are ideal for arduous tasks like felling large trees, bucking logs into manageable sizes, and cutting firewood. These tasks require raw power and extended run time, which gas chainsaws provide.

Electric and battery-powered chainsaws are perfect for light to medium tasks around the home or garden, such as trimming overgrown bushes, cutting small trees, and crafting wood. They are quieter and more manageable, making them suitable for residential areas.

Finally, pole chainsaws are the perfect tools for trimming and pruning high branches without the need for a ladder. They are indispensable for maintaining the health and aesthetics of tall trees and shrubs.

What are the prices on average of popular chainsaw brands?

The price of chainsaws varies widely based on brand, type, power, and features. 

  • For gas chainsaws, brands like Husqvarna and Stihl are on the premium end, with prices ranging from around $200 to over $600. More affordable brands like Poulan Pro and Remington offer models in the $100-$200 range.

  • Electric chainsaws are generally cheaper, with prices ranging from around $50 for budget brands like Greenworks and Worx, up to around $200 for high-end models from brands like Makita and DeWalt.

  • Battery-powered chainsaws sit in the middle, with prices ranging from around $100 for entry-level models from brands like Black+Decker, up to around $300 for advanced models from Husqvarna and Stihl.

  • Pole chainsaws typically cost between $100 and $300, depending on the brand and power source.

Choosing the best chainsaw to buy is a matter of understanding your needs and matching them with the right type and brand. Whether you're a professional logger needing a high-powered gas chainsaw, a homeowner looking for a quiet electric model for light tasks, or someone needing a pole chainsaw for those hard-to-reach branches, there's a chainsaw out there for you. By considering the task at hand, your budget, and the reputation of the brand, you can find a chainsaw that will serve you well for years to come.