Why Senior Citizens Should Opt for Life Insurance

Senior citizens should take life insurance to benefit from the right policy. Though a permanent policy may not be the best choice for those who are based on a fixed income or those who cannot bear the volatility in the stock market, you can find a lot of options to ensure that the surviving members will have enough finances to cover their funeral expenses.

The burial and funeral cost varies according to where they are living. But the average cost is around $6,000. So, even a cheap life insurance for seniors can be the best choice for those who don’t want their family to live with burden.

Why Term Life Insurance? 

Senior citizens might want to get whole life quotes for different reasons. But term life insurance is enough to cover financial obligations like outstanding debt. Though a permanent whole life insurance can have a cash-building account against which they can take loan, they are more expensive and may not be free from tax. Loans which are taken against policy can reduce the amount of benefit that is paid to the beneficiary if they don’t pay back before the death.

Seniors who are near 65 usually look for term policy with around 10 years of term but it shouldn’t be more than 20. Only a few companies issue term policy to the person above 85.  

Life Insurance Vs. Burial Insurance: Why Both Are Important

Many people do not realize just how much a funeral can cost and are not prepared when the time comes to have to fund one. There are many things to take care of including the costs of the funeral, burial, and transfer. The average funeral can cost upwards of $10,000.

These costs will typically land on the loved ones of the deceased or the surviving heirs and can be a very heavy burden, especially if they do not have the money to cover the necessary costs.

Burial insurance is a great way to ensure that this does not happen. Burial insurance can be done as either whole life insurance with a death benefit that can range anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. It can also be done separately as an individual policy.

Even if there is a life insurance policy in place, it is a good idea to add burial insurance. It will ensure that all the costs of a burial are covered. Life insurance will often leave gaps that will have to be filled somehow, and burial insurance is a great way to do that.

Burial insurance can be less expensive when bought as part of a group, and the premiums will be less. They can be bought to pay for a pre-planned funeral arrangement and can be obtained from insurers and funeral homes. The cost each month is very minimal and will add up in a big way to cover all the necessary funeral expenses.

Getting burial insurance is an easy and secure way to make funding funeral arrangements in advance. It is a great way to cover expenses that would otherwise burden loved ones. It is always much better to plan ahead and to make sure that the proper arrangements are taken care of beforehand.