Brand New Affordable Refrigerators

If you have tried to shop for a refrigerator online, you may have become overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of them being presented. Which is most reliable? Which one suits your lifestyle? Want to find a refrigerator that costs less than your first car? Use this handy reference guide to help narrow down all of the choices out there. These refrigerators have ranked well on consumer reports indexes and come from companies who are well established. While this is not an exhaustive list it can give you a better idea of what is on the market and what sort of appliance meets your needs and budget best.

Another feature to keep in mind when viewing the 2024 refrigerators is to consider the room you have to work with. The most common size is around 30 inches but your particular situation may not allow for that. Also consider the width of the refrigerator. Counter sized refrigerators are designed to set out so they are level with the counters in your kitchen.

Other refrigerators are made to be built in and recessed into feature cabinetry. Economic refrigerators are usually on the smaller size, and generally feature the top freezer style. If you are just starting out or are single these smaller appliances are not only inexpensive but they can also come with a lot of additional features.

Best Top Freezer Refrigerators

There are several top freezer refrigerators that are reliable and affordable. This is the most popular style of refrigerator in the U.S. It has the freezer compartment on top and the refrigerating portion below. Plus,  these types of refrigerators come in a wide range of prices, making them one of the most affordable options on the market. You can expect to pay anywhere between $700-1500 for these types of refrigerators and most come with adjustable drawers and humidity controls.

  • Whirlpool 18cu: features a flexislide bin allowing for customization, offers adjustable humidity levels to keep fruit and vegetables fresher longer. Does not come with ice maker as standard but is available as an add on. Expect to pay a little over $800.

  • Haier 11.5 cu: This is a smaller refrigerator and is great for smaller spaces. It is energy efficient and provides humidity controlled crisper drawers for maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Expect to pay around $745.

  • LG 23.8: This is a larger refrigerator and comes with more bells and whistles, but still a lower price than its wi-fi digital cousins. Features fingerprint resistant finish and is ENERGYSTAR certified. Icemaker is standard and humidity controls are also standard. Comes with many rebates. Expect to pay around $1300.

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The most popular size for bottom freezers is around 30 inches. However, they are offered at smaller sizes including a 20 and 24. Bottom freezer refrigerators are especially handy for those who have a hard time reaching up into an overhead freezer. It also allows for increased visibility of food items you may have stored. This can lead to less food waste. If you have children you may wish to forego this type of model as children tend to enjoy leaving these open. Here are some of the top-rated bottom freezer refrigerators.

  • Kenmore Elite: EnergyStar rated, offers an oversized deli drawer, flip up bin door, 29 inches, excellent performance ratings. Expect to pay around $1500.

  • Whirlpool 33: extremely customizable, ethylene filters in crisper drawers, EnergyStar rated, and reversible door hinges. 33 inches makes it a fairly large refrigerator. Expect to pay a little over $1400.

  • Amana 30: high performance ratings, dairy hatch bin, large freezer space, 66 inches tall, and has a humidity controller for crisper bins. Expect to pay a little over $1500.

French Door Refrigerators

This type of refrigerator is one of the most popular styles simply because it places your food at eye level. Having your food at eye level makes it more accessible and can help ensure you do not forget to use food you have.

  • Maytag Wide: Door shelves retain cool temperatures and meet safety standards, slide out glass shelves, stainless steel finish with fingerprint resistance, is 36 inches and EnergyStar certified. Expect to pay around $2300.

  • Samsung Family Hub: This is wi-fi enabled, has digital readouts, features in-refrigerator cameras so you can view via your phone how much milk you still have, and two freezer compartments. Expect to pay around $2800.

  • Kenmore Elite: At 29.8 inches this French door refrigerator sports a bottom freezer, and consistent temps from one shelf to the next. Easy to use digital controls, adjustable shelving.

Digital Refrigerators

Wi-fi enabled refrigerators have entered the mainstream. Digital readouts and Bluetooth apps that allow you to interact with your refrigerator while away from home make it the new tech toy of 2024. Here’s some of the new kids on the block.

  • LG LMXS30776S: Offers an interactive tracker that suggest organization for most frequently used items, ice maker is standard, 30cu, customizable temp settings in each drawer, air filtration to keep down refrigerator odors, comes with a 10 year warranty. Expect to pay around $4,000.

  • Samsung RF22N9781SR: Dubbed the smart ‘fridge of 2024, this appliance features interior cameras, bluetooth connectivity, family hub screen which acts like a pared down Alexa, fingerprint resistant, luxurious LED lighting, convertible freezer to fridge conversion (allows you to convert a freezer compartment to additional refrigerator space.  Expect to pay around $3800.

  • GE Profile PFE28KYNFS: Energystar rated, consistent temperatures, door mounted ice/water dispensers, customizable interior, Bluetooth connectivity and app. Expect to pay $2500.

  • LG Electronics 26 cu: offers Instaview feature (see through door), smart home enabled, many rebates, large water and ice dispenser that allows for pitchers and large glasses, humidity controlled crisper drawers, Energy Star qualified, smart diagnosis allows for over the phone troubleshooting, multi air flow system keeps down food odor, 10 year warranty.