Why You Should Consider Getting a Degree in Nursing

Having a nursing degree will open the door to many career opportunities in the field. The demand for nurses continues to rise. The cause? One of the most commonly attributed reasons for the demand is the aging population and the fact that people are living longer, on average. 

However, if you are interested in nursing degree programs, it is essential that you learn more about each type of degree you can obtain. Each type of degree will require you to attain a certain amount of education. However, having more education will allow you to make more money in your chosen field. 

Nursing Degree Eligibility Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a registered nurse, you will need to complete higher education. To do so, you will need to meet eligibility requirements to enter a nursing program. The program’s eligibility requirements may require you to meet prerequisites, such as:

  • Minimum ACT or SAT scores
  • Minimum GPA requirements
  • Minimum course requirements, such as language, English, science, and math courses
If you are missing course requirements, you may be able to take those courses at the college or university that you attend for your nursing program. 

Understanding the Different Types of Nursing Degrees

There are several nursing degrees available, depending on the amount of education you would like to complete. Generally, the higher the degree you earn, the more career opportunities that will be available to you. 

Associate’s Degree in Nursing

An associate’s nursing degree is the most basic type of degree you can earn. These degrees can help you obtain an entry-level position in nursing. 

Associate’s degree programs are two-year programs. However, you may complete the program faster or slower than two years, depending on the number of classes that you take each semester. Courses in the associate’s degree program will generally include: 

  • Anatomy
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Chemistry
  • Science
  • Microbiology
After obtaining your associate’s degree, you will gain the ability to apply for an entry-level position. Entry-level positions will provide you with hands-on training while you work on obtaining a higher degree, should you choose to do so. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

A bachelor’s degree in nursing is a four-year program. If you already have an associate’s degree, it can take between two and three years for you to earn your bachelor’s. You can obtain this degree even faster through accelerated programs if you already have a bachelor’s degree in a different career field. 

In addition to furthering your general education, you can expect to take courses such as: 


Nursing care for children and/or older adults. The exact courses that you will need to take will depend on the program you enroll in. 

Master’s Degree in Nursing

A nurse practitioner degree, more commonly known as a master’s degree in nursing, takes an average of an additional two years to earn. A master’s degree allows you the opportunity to apply for some of the best paying nursing jobs. 

How much does education for a nursing degree cost? The cost of a nursing degree can vary. The higher the level of degree that you earn, the more classes that you will need to take. The more courses that you must take, the higher the costs you can expect. 

The cost of education has been on the rise. Therefore, it is crucial to take the time to review any grants, scholarships, and federal student loans that you may qualify for. Taking advantage of grants and scholarships can significantly reduce the amount of money you will need to pay for your education. 

You can expect higher education costs if you live on campus. Room, board, and other expenses can quickly add up. The college or university that you choose will also influence the amount that you can expect to pay for education and, ultimately, for your degree. 

Can You Earn a Nursing Degree Online?

You can earn a nursing degree online through several nursing programs. Online colleges and universities commonly offer online courses for nursing. However, online programs will typically require students to complete hands-on studies and clinical experience within their local communities. 

Online programs provide several benefits, including a significant amount of convenience and flexibility. Online courses can be particularly helpful for nurses who are seeking their bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

Can you earn a nursing degree part-time? You can earn a nursing degree part-time through most nursing programs. However, it is important to know that you will take longer to complete your education. You must earn a certain amount of credit hours to graduate from a nursing program.